Imagine a meeting of the minds between Pink Floyd and Steely Dan in their heyday, coupled with a healthy dose of dreamy rock songwriting - all brought to you from underneath a palm tree in Honolulu.  This will bring you close to describing The Hollow Spheres' latest release: "Wanderlust" (ASCAP).

The Hollow Spheres have an infectious stylistic blend of american/britpop nostalgia and pop-nuanced rock.  Following the recent success of their album launch, "Wanderlust", the buzz is building for the Honolulu-based group.  Comparisons of their unique sound to that of iconic Hawaiian bands like Kalapana and Country Comfort are already swirling.  They also take a cue (in both their delivery and songwriting approach) from bands like Radiohead, Wilco, Phish, the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles.  They most recently opened for national Americana/rock act Houndmouth at The Republik in Honolulu.  The band has also performed at Aloha Stadium, Pakele Live, Hawaii News Now, KHON, KITV, and The Perry & Price Show as part of a publicity push for their 2015 EP release "Wanderlust".  In June of 2016, The Hollow Spheres were selected as one of four local finalists for the Hard Rock Rising 2016 International competition.  They are featured regularly on Star 101.9 FM and have also been included on the Mountain Apple Company/Soul Sounds internationally distributed release "Alternative HI".

The band consists of Sean Cleland (lead vocals/guitar), Shin Kato (bass, backing vocals), Danny Galura (guitar, backing vocals), and Jack Tawil (drums).  Fans new and old can now find the talented foursome playing all over town from clubs to coffee houses, and from festivals to fundraisers.


A band full of transplants from the West Coast: Sean, Shin, Danny, and Jack all now call Honolulu, Hawai'i their home.  The band started in 2009 when singer/guitarist/songwriter Sean Cleland (who was born in Honolulu, raised in northern California, lived for many years in southern California, then returned to Honolulu in 2009) met bassist Shin Kato (they had both recently arrived in Hawai'i from California, though by separate routes) and began playing and writing songs fueled by an interest in rock, jazz, blues, and interesting song structures.  After the release of their debut EP "Silence Speaks Louder", as well as countless shows and multiple band lineup changes later, The Hollow Spheres found themselves included on Mountain Apple Records' "Alternative HI" compilation album.  After a brief hiatus, the band reformed as a four-piece group with the addition of guitarist Danny Galura and drummer Jack Tawil.  They haven't looked back since.

In speaking to INhonolulu Magazine, Sean says "I think people enjoy the island reggae scene here in Hawai'i, but are also open to hearing music that sits outside of that style.  If the music grooves, rocks hard, and has catchy melodies and a lot of soul then we believe people will always be attracted to it.  Any music that has these elements and presents them well will be timeless for us."

Their latest release, "Wanderlust", blends together elements of current and classic rock, pop, and soul, along with hints of both jazz and art rock.  The group says, "We want to give listeners a sense of our style, while also showcasing our breadth as a band.  So for this release we have chosen a pop song, a soul song, an intricate rock number, and a funkier tune."  Combining melodic songs with tight grooves, they present a truly unique version of the aging rock formula.

The Hollow Spheres have played (or currently play) at Honolulu venues such as: The Republik (most recently opening for national americana/rock act Houndmouth), Downbeat Lounge, Star 101.9 FM, KTUH 90.3FM, Hawaii News Now - Sunrise Show, Perry & Price Show, Aloha Stadium, Pakele Live (The Willows Restaurant), Honolulu State Art Museum, KITV Morning Show, KHON Morning Show, Hard Rock Cafe, The Plaza Club, Hallowbaloo Music & Arts Festival, The Honolulu Museum of Art, ThirtyNineHotel, Bar 35, Jazz Minds Art & Cafe, Next Door, Station Bar, Apartm3nt, Mercury Bar, Vice Nightclub, Hawaiian Brian's, Anna O'Brien's, among others.