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"Hollow Spheres Release New EP"
Heels & Picks: Honolulu Pulse (Honolulu Star Advertiser)
(Erin Smith, Jul. 29, 2015)

"Review: Hollow Spheres ‘Wanderlust’"
Poet and Pariah: Malady, Music, and Mayhem
(Evan Morgan, Jun. 20, 2015)
"Integrating melody-driven pop with singer/songwriter sensibility is just a snippet of what they do best."

"‘Wanderlust’ is equal parts wonder and lust, showcasing the Hollow Spheres at their absolute best. It’s head and shoulders above anything they’ve ever done (and could easily go down as one of the best EP’s of the year).  Listeners are invited to experience the full spectrum of what the Hollow Spheres are capable of — and it’s nothing short of brilliant."

"Not So Hollow Spheres"
INhonolulu Magazine
(Evan Morgan, Aug. 18, 2014)
"The Hollow Spheres blend elements of alternative, britpop, and jazz to create a unique sonic profile that has resonated with local audiences."   - INhonolulu Magazine

"‘Alternative HI’ Set For Release"
Scene+Heard Honolulu Pulse (Honolulu Star Advertiser)
(Sabrina Velazquez, Mar. 19, 2012)
"The compilation features 18 songs by 18 local alternative bands, hand-picked by Apeles and Moseley."

"Talking Band Dynamics"
Honolulu Pulse (Honolulu Star Advertiser)
(Sabrina Velazquez, Aug. 1, 2011)
"The Hollow Spheres have a unique sound that fuses jazz and rock that I wish more people would hear. They remind me a little of Hawaii legends Kalapana meets the German funk/indie band The Whitest Boy Alive."

"Underground Scene Unearthed"
TGIF (Honolulu Star Advertiser)
(Elizabeth Kieszkowski, Sept. 24, 2010)
"A group of earnest art-rockers."

"Indie Rock, Local Style"
TGIF (Honolulu Star Advertiser)
(Josh 86, Sept. 10, 2010)
"Smooth, polished, ethereal rock."

"The Hollow Spheres"

(Eric Alcantara, May 5, 2010)
"The Hollow Spheres are one of the more interesting and well-rehearsed bands I have come across in recent years."

"Wanderlust" EP Unofficial Testimonials:
(thank you friends and fans for allowing us to post these)

"Hey @sclelandmusic THIS song needs to be in a movie."
    -Tracy Larrua (Poi Planet PR)

"It's a great album.  We play it all the time here at the store."
    -Tim (Hungry Ear Records)

"Hey guys thanks for the Cd!!  Great job, sounds lovely!"
    -Robbin Henley (Guitarist - Men In Grey Suits)

"Listening to 'Hold Me Close, Keep Me Far Away' right now.  Awesome song dude!"
    -Jarred Roberts (Solo Musician)

"I'm taking a listen to your EP; it's amazing!  I wanna show my colleagues your stuff!"
    -Glenn Molina (Musician - OceanWolf Productions)

"I picked up a copy of the EP at Hungry Ear.  Wow, very impressed.  The writing, playing, production - all very, very good.  The only thing wrong with it was that I wanted more!"
    -Keith Fraser (Musician)

"This is a different Hollow Spheres than I remember.  I like that direction you went.  So versatile, and I'm only 3 songs in!"
    -Ryan Miyashiro (Musician - The Drowning Dreamers; Art + Flea)

"Good sound man.  I like the style and guitar playing."
    -Phil Strauss (Solo Musician)

"The guitar sounds so sick on your album!  CD hasn't left my car yet.  Catchy songs and great arrangements.  Keep up the good work."
    -Jason Laeha (Solo Musician)

"Great tracks on your CD!"
    -Randy Allen (Solo Musician)

"CD sounds great by the way.  You are a very talented hapa-haole song jammer."
    -Josh 86 (Owner - Downbeat Lounge, Downbeat Diner, Proof Public House; Musician - Black Square, 86 List, Josh 86 & The Pressure)

"Listenening to the EP now.  Drums sound insane.  Listen to the band FourPlay…you give them a run.  With a jazz/rock/pop vibe.  Nice job."
    -Sean Harrison (Musician; Owner, Engineer - Passion Studio, Passion Records)

"First of all, your album is beautiful!  We listened to it twice today.  We love the sound and all the songs, especially 'Hold Me Close, Keep Me Far Away'."
    -Kevin Jones (Star 101.9; Musician - The Desert Sea)

"Diggin' that title track!"
    -Marc Carlos (Solo Musician)

"Congrats on the release!  Sounds great!!!"
    -Dave Watanabe (Musician - Sunway)

"The album sounds great man!  Definitely worth the wait."
    -Jason Parker (Musician - The Infamous Bourbon Boys)

"Hey Sean, I received your CD.  Thank you!  It's great.  Favorite is that last track.  Your cover art is catchy as well."
    -Jessica Norman

"Hi, Sean!  Congratulations on an excellent EP!  Thank you for your efforts to get me a copy.  Love the hooks in the songs (which I always listen for).  A very clean and well mixed recording."
    -Phil Keat (Owner, Engineer - Highway Recording)

"I'd like a physical copy of the CD to show off your awesome music to my friends!"
    -Bronson Oka